FIPRO® fire protection products meet the demanding requirements of official safety and fire protection regulations in every respect. They have successfully been tested by numerous national and international bodies. FIPRO® products are constantly being improved and reflect the latest advances in fire safety engineering.

Hørning - Unique flooring solutions

With equal measures of precision craftsmanship and creative flair we transform carefully selected, top-quality timber into bespoke, one-off solutions that survive for generations in both large-scale prestigious buildings and exclusive private homes all over the world.

Larcore® IMO certified lightweight honeycomb panels

Larcore is a sandwich panel made of two sheets and a honeycomb core of aluminium. Lightweight solutions for ships, trains, elevators, buses and aircrafts. Applications: wall claddings, false ceilings, floating floors, staircases, substructures, furniture and assemblies – lighter, stronger and more energy efficient.

Louverlux Skandia

The plactis louvers are, among other applications, processed to size for use as glare-free illumination elements in the lighting industry. The aluminium louvers are used as suspended ceilings or illuminated light strips in dry, fair stand and store construction.

Polyrey - Wilsonart Company

Every day in contact with professionals in architecture and design, Polyrey innovates and decorates the interior and exterior spaces of buildings and ships.

Resopal - Wilsonart Company

RESOPAL® – the brand, the company and the surface, traditional and contemporary.

Marine and Offshore Insulation

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation provides comfort, acoustic and fire safe insulation for marine vessels and offshore platforms.